The Advantages Of Online Counselling Towards Healing

Counselling have become the new norm of today when we talk about people who are currently battling depression and anxiety. There is a new form of counselling that is getting quite popular in today’s generation. Web counselling or also known as the online counselling offers it services through the internet using emails, online chat, and video calls. The new mode of counselling is known by a lot of names but it serves with the same function, it’s just that it is used to extend counselling services with the use of the internet for modernization.

A lot of people have taken sides and are starting to form a debate on which form is better the traditional or the new way of counselling, but when we base it on statistics, data have shown that there are higher effectiveness rating in the new form compared to the traditional way. You can read down below the benefits that you can get from getting online counselling compared to the traditional way of counselling.


Web counselling has been proven to be more economical compared to the traditional way of counselling that is quite expensive and do benefit both the therapist and the client. Especially for those therapists who don’t have enough money to afford rent on commercial space to provide its services or the client itself doesn’t have enough money to travel and seek the therapist help in person.


Some online counselling supports the absence of face to face contact that allows the client to communicate openly without any fears from bias, gender, race, age, physical appearance. No face to face interaction is a type of services that is being offered on the new type of online counselling that improves the level of trust from the client towards its therapists and can enhance the validity when we talk about opening one’s self. The new type of counselling services offers a higher level of anonymity that gives the user a comfortable feeling that will consider it as a non-threatening experience for them to open up without holding back.


Web counselling can be accessed easily with the help of internet to those people who wish to use it or those people who are in need of the services offer by the web counselling. The development of online counselling has been a blessing for those unfortunate people that are in need of therapy but have a lot of barriers that prevent them from getting one. Those people that are having a hard time to go out of their houses because they are physically disabled can now access their counselling with the help of the internet.

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