What Is PRINCE2 Project Management?

Project management has been always been a unique field.  Actually, it’s been around for thousands of years.  It’s not an exact science, where not everything can be calculated precisely, but it contains a number of important characteristics that are applicable to all projects.  Most projects and subject work in this area have a beginning, a middle, and an end. As on a prince2 Training Course London.

When one thinks of project management, he/she either thinks of group project or individual projects.  Each of these would have their own strong points and respective strengths and weaknesses.  Nonetheless, these are some of the most common designations, so for the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on corporate companies.

Corporations are different from the private sector in numerous ways.  Perceptions are different, financial resources and overall managerial processes are different.  Corporations can be very successful.  For example, in the world of technology, Cisco ( wears the ” trillion dollar” hats) has been the top leader for years.  The corporate group that historically was the top private company in the S&P 500 is the unconsciously incompetent Cisco.  However, the corporation continues to emphasize its technical expertise in its products.  While its corporate marketing efforts focus on being the top echelon of industry superstars, its profitability is evident evidenced by its projected sales and profitability margins.

Another notable difference between corporations and the public sector is that corporations are much more likely to receive grants from the federal government.  Public sector often use grant money to build the infrastructure.  Corporations are not granted grant money because the competition is so great.    Corporations require grants so that they can move forward and grow, more so because they are private enterprises.  If corporations did not receive grants, they could not continue to exist; therefore, they are indirectly qualified.  Public sector is the public welfare.

Many corporate friendly government agencies can also provide federal grants, and many private sector agencies need federal grants.  Corporations have the seed in place that supports buy-in.  If a corporation is successful, public agencies can obtain grants, whereas corporations are not eligible for such grants (unless a grant has already been granted).

“Judgment is God’s way of leading.” – insertion of judgmental or biased opinions/ details in ignorance of the everyone.

Surveys are important tools to provide trust and convictions, implications are predicated with the judgments.  These survey tools can be designed regardless of the underlying environmental context.  Engineering samples are used to obtain consistency, assessment of the decision making process can also be measured.  In a sense, surveys make claims, judgments and assumptions.  Of course, claims and analyses are ultimately honest.  The Conventional Sciences can be different from Politics and have several different valued conclusions.

In summary, projects are intended to improve efficiency and reduce costs of operations.  Companies Encourage projects review/ trail via business cases and other evaluations so the savings and overall benefits are directly related to the company.  Because “time equals money,” companies should use time as a business tool however, to avoid being wasteful.  In addition, project acceptance should attract an action plan of the outcomes.  Finally, due diligence must be completed before any deal is signed.