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Hyper Converged Infrastructure: Why You Need One Today

In many organizations, you find information technology infrastructure done and installed to make things easier. Such configurations are not cheap to manage and even in terms of costs, one needs a small fortune. To ensure the workplace is efficient, concerning management, going for Hyper Converged Infrastructure is the real deal today.

A Hyper Converged Infrastructure, or simply abbreviated as HCI, is a defined software in information technology. The software helps by virtualization of the many elements of conventional hardware that are defined in the system. With this IT infrastructure, it comes in to combine storage and servers to a distributors platform by bringing intelligent software. This will help in creating flexible building blocks aimed at replacing legacy infrastructure that has separate servers, storage arrays and storage networks.

Now, should an organization go for the HCI today? The answer is a yes. Here are some reasons.


One bigger benefit that comes when you have this done is to help an organization develop and grow. Here, the IT technician works round the clock to unify network solutions, compute, and storage. With the unification, your systems become readily scalable. There is far more involved in expanding some capabilities within the infrastructure. For an organization that is still growing, scalability is an important thing brought by HCI.

Software-defined storage.

In a Hyper Converged zone, storage is software-defined. These storage nodes work as reliable and redundant storage pools. If a single node fails, others will continue working. Therefore, there is uptime and connectivity every second.

The agility
In this infrastructure, the workloads are managed under a named administrative umbrella. With this, users have an easy time migrating the workloads to different locations.

Improved data protection

Today, you need HCI in an organization that can help in data restoration. There are hundreds of cyber activities happening daily. This makes the organizations face serious risks. This is where HCI comes in to embed various elements of recovery and backing up your IT infrastructure.

Managing costs

If you invest in Hyperconvergence, your organization benefits as there is an affordable economic model in the department. With this arrangement, you have a few equipment to buy, support and maintain. The recurring costs of managing a center reduces.

Simple management

Many IT personnel will end up managing ad easily monitoring the employed systems compared to a traditional setup. There are automatic software managing the environment, making daily operations easier. The administration at work from one management point will consolidate various administrative worse. Therefore, you eliminate those management silos as seen in traditional infrastructures. Moreover, admins of the systems do common tasks like restoring and backing up.

Upgrade becomes easy

If you have an HCI platform, you get a unified environment. With this, it becomes easier to upgrade software and hardware easily as compared to traditional infrastructures. It becomes easy to restructure the systems without having the complexities and risks seen in systems.

The service providers

Organizations will always get information technology problems that lower productivity. As such, you need a customized technology solution to improve workflow. At WEI, you get improved Hyper Converged Infrastructure to make your organization grow.


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